[Samba] start of print file spool to samba

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Apr 24 18:04:10 GMT 2002

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Floyd Shackelford wrote:

> i found the following two files with the string "print command":
> ./param/loadparm.c: {"print command", P_STRING, P_LOCAL,
> &sDefault.szPrintcommand, NULL, NULL, FLAG_PRINT | FLAG_GLOBAL},

loadparm.c is for declaring parameters and parsing smb.conf.

> ./printing/print_generic.c: run a given print command
> as best as i can tell, it's NOT loadparm.c. so that leaves
> print_generic.c

That's what I was thinking of.

>         if (strcmp(syscmd,"print command") == 0)
>         {
>           // do my thing
>         }
>         ret = smbrun(syscmd,outfd);
>         DEBUG(3,("Running the command `%s' gave %d\n",syscmd,ret));

Why not just make your command a wrapper that executes the lpr command?
Something like

  my_command $1
  lpr -P$2 $3
  /bin/rm -f $3

and add a "print command = some_script.sh %I %p %s"
No code changes necessary.

cheers, jerry
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