[Samba] Clearing uploaded printer drivers (APW)

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Apr 24 16:07:02 GMT 2002

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Manuel Gomez wrote:

> I'm having some problems adding client printer drivers to a 2.2debian-2
> Samba server via a Win2k client and the Add Printers Wizard.  I had
> manually added one driver set (Generic Adobe Postscript) and then
> manually removed the same (copying all relevant files to
> /etc/samba/drivers (and then deleting them) on Debian potato).

Just copying the files to [print$] does not install them on 
the server.  This is done via RPC (the AddPrinterDriver() MS-RPC call)
by the APW.

>  Then, I tried to use the OEM drivers (Samsung 1650 PCL 6), but I
> suspect I may have done it incorrectly.  Upon subsequent attempts (after
> deleting all the files from the .../drivers/W32X86 directory), I am
> still unable to successfully upload drivers.  I have a suspicion that
> there remain some entries regarding my failed uploads in a .tdb file or
> some such (perhaps the ntdrivers.tdb or ntprinters.tdb in my
> /var/state/samba directory?).  My question is:
>  Can I safely delete these files (or some others) to force smbd to
> refresh its cached printer drivers database?  Is there any way to be
> sure that no remnants linger from past driver sets?

To clear all printer driver and printer information (besides that stored
in smb.conf).

  * remove all files from [print$]
  * remove ${lockdir}/nt*.tdb

cheers, jerry
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