[Samba] samba and JNI

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Apr 24 15:47:15 GMT 2002

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Floyd Shackelford wrote:

> i am using a linux/samba box as a print server. whenever a user submits a
> print job, i want to notify the user that samba is receiving the print job.
> i have a java service running on each client machine that pops up a gui to
> that effect when notified. i am trying to integrate java JNI into samba to
> tell the java server on the client to display the gui. however, just adding
> the JNI initialization code to "smbd/server.c main" causes samba to get the
> following error whenever a print job is submitted. also, the print job fails
> to spool. (debug level 3)
> [2002/04/11 11:34:11, 0] smbd/oplock_linux.c:linux_init_kernel_oplocks(284)
>   Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler
> [2002/04/11 11:34:11, 3] smbd/oplock.c:init_oplocks(1214)
>   open_oplock ipc: pid = 15010, global_oplock_port = 32775
> [2002/04/11 11:34:11, 0] smbd/notify_kernel.c:kernel_notify_init(190)
>   Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_NOTIFY handler

What linux kernel is this?  Someone else posted a similar message to 
samba-technical wrt to Oracle & Samba....


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