[Samba] do I need to rejoin machines to the domain?

Marc Petitmermet petitmermet at mat.ethz.ch
Wed Apr 24 13:00:07 GMT 2002

Due to a stupid human mistake we had some UIDs in the passwd and 
smbpasswd which were identical for users and machines, i.e. the user 
peter had the UID 1044 and the machine cyclone had the UID 1044. We 
configured samba as a PDC, therefore, nobody could log in anymore. I 
fixed the UIDs in the passwd by changing the machines' UIDs, then I 
deleted the machine's entries in smbpasswd and added them again to 
the smbpasswd. The problem now is that login to the domain does not 
work any more. My question is: do we need to rejoin the machines to 
the domain due to these changes in the smbpasswd?
Thanks for any hints.


P.S.: samba 2.2.3a on Solaris; Win2k-, WinNT-clients

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