[Samba] Re: [Samba] After some print jobs, samba server doesn´t accept conections.

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Tue Apr 23 15:52:02 GMT 2002

Are the clients linux/unix clients or windows clients? If they are windows
clients, I have no idea. But, if they are linux/unix clients:

This sounds like an lprng problem. I forget the cure.

Try sending numerous print jobs from the samba server. If the same problem
occurs, check out the lprng documentation.

Here is man lpd.conf from my redhat 7.1 box.

originate_port (default: "721 731") A range of port numbers to originate
requests from.  When sending service  requests, the software will try
to open and bind to these ports to originate a request to a server.
If no port is given,  or  all of  the requested  ports  are unavailable
or cannot be bound to, then a normal use port is requested.  Note that
on UNIX systems, if a port in the range 0-1023 is requested the EUID of
the process must be  root  for  the  request to be granted.  Note that
RFC1179 specifies that requests must originate from ports in the range

This says that only root can use the ports outside of 721-731.


On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 05:27:14PM -0500, Claudio Hernandez wrote:
> I have RH 7.2, with Samba 2.2.1a, and LPRng printing system. I have two
> printers, HP DeskJet 1220C and HP LaserJet 5.
> When a user send many jobs to the printer after a short period of time the
> server sends a message that the server is not accesible or is not connected
> to the network, but any other user can do it, again, after some jobs sent to
> the printer the server doesn´t accept any connection from that client.
> I read the FAQ of LPRng, and it says that you must change the number of
> ports in your lpd.conf file, but it has the correct number of ports.
> ==================obtained from www.lprng.org =============================
> It appears that most RFC1179 implementations do not check for the exact port
> range 721-731, but only that the connection
> originates from a reserved port, i.e. - in the range 1-1023. You can extend
> the range of ports used by LPRng by changing the
>     originate_port=721 731
> value in the defaults (LPRng/src/common/defaults.c) file or in the lpd.conf
> file. I recommend the following: 
>     originate_port=512 1022 <--- I have this numbers.
> ========================================================================
> What could be my problem??
> regards.
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