[Samba] W2K + PAM + SMBd != fun

John Straiton jks at clickcom.com
Tue Apr 23 13:25:16 GMT 2002

I have a weird variant of the common "The account is not authorized to
log in from this station" problem.

I have a perfectly functional samba setup using a Win2K Adv Svr as it's
password server. However, I am interested in playing with a mysql
password server using the pam-mysql module. 

The problem seems to be that once I turn off encrypted passwords, I get
that "not authorized" box. But if I turn it on, I get a perpetual
username/password dialog box. 

I can only assume that this is because the passwords are being hashed by
my client before being sent to samba/pam to test. Therefore, the only
way this would work would be to set pam to use cleartext and somehow
manage to get the NT hashed password into mysql? 

So, before I give up, have I got that about right? Or am I missing
something that could fix this problem?

John Straiton
jks at clickcom.com

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