[Samba] Problems setting up samba as PDC

Johnny Ljunggren johnny at navtek.no
Tue Apr 23 12:02:07 GMT 2002

When I try to connect a Win2k client to my 2.2.3a samba PDC, I get this

The following error occurred validating the name 'NAVTEK':
The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted

I have read the Samba-PDC-HOWTO.html and followed the description there
but to no avail. I guess this must be a very basic thing to do, but
somewhere down the road I have done something wrong.

Anyway, this is what my smb.conf looks like:

	netbios name = server2
	workgroup = NAVTEK
	domain master = Yes
	domain logons = Yes
	domain admin = root
	encrypt passwords = Yes
        os level = 64
	preferred master = Yes
	local master = Yes
	security = user
	logon path = \\server2\profiles\%u
	logon drive = H:
	logon home = \\server2\%u
	logon script = synctime.bat
	add user script = /usr/sbin/useradd -d /dev/null -n -g navtek -s
/bin/false %m$	force directory mode = 0777
	force create mode = 0777
	log file = /var/log/samba/smb.%m
	character set = ISO8859-1
	time server = yes

	path = /home/netlogon
	writeable = no
	write list = root

	path = /home/profiles
	writeable = yes
	create mask = 0600
	directory mask = 0700

	comment = Home Directories
	read only = No
	create mask = 0750
	browseable = No
	public = Yes
	writable = Yes
	path = /home/SHARE
	writable = yes
	guest ok = Yes
	comment = Navtek Disk
	read only = No
	force group = navtek
	invalid users = ftd

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Tlf: 918 50 411, ICQ: 50630605

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