[Samba] Can't get swat to accept root and its password

bupdegraff bupdegraff at akbible.edu
Tue Apr 23 11:03:02 GMT 2002


Forgive me if I have subscribed to the wrong samba list.  I am new to both
Linux and samba so my experience is limited.  If I should be sending this to
another list, please point me in the right direction.

I am trying to use webmin to invoke swat on an experimental Mandrake 8.1
server.  I know I have the correct root password but I cannot get swat to
let me in.  What would inhibit swat from letting me in?


Bill Updegraff
Computer Systems Administrator
Alaska Bible College
PO Box 289
Glennallen, AK 99588
bupdegraff at akbible.edu
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