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Viktor Posta viktor_posta at hu.ibm.com
Tue Apr 23 02:44:03 GMT 2002

Hi Andrew !

Okay I listen to you :o)

I've checked the latest 3.0 release, and I've found the stuffs what you are
talking about, but at the moment I wouldn't like to use the alpha code as a
real DC in business, In this case I've decided to wait for the Samba 3.0
release, and then I'll implement these stuffs !

Only 2 question:

 -What do you expect apprx. when it will be released ?
- I will use the 2.2.x until the 3.0, what do you suggest, what kind of
authentication method I should choose now, because I want to upgrade to the
3.0 as easy as I can (400 users will use then the 2.2.x DC)  !  How it will
support these functions, natively or with LDAP ?  Should I use LDAP ?

Thank you for your answers !

Best Regards !

Viktor Posta

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Viktor Posta wrote:
> Hi Andrew !
> It seems that we don't have anymore idea on the list !

Then at least keep them cc'ed

> Can you please help, give me your comments ?
> Best Regards !
> Viktor Posta

In Samba 3.0 things like password timeouts and the like only operate via
PAM.  If you want to do this inside the SAM, using ldap etc, you will
need to use Samba 3.0.

See pserver.samba.org for where to download HEAD or the samba_3_0

Andrew Bartlett

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