[Samba] Samba 2.2.1a and Dataflex

Bill Clifford wlclifford at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 22 23:57:02 GMT 2002


            I have been running Samba 2.2.1a (on Mandrake 8.1) as a
domain controller and document file server for several months at two
sites without any problems.  I moved my 4gl Dataflex files to a Samba
share 2 weeks ago and have been experiencing escalating datafile
corruptions.  The application runs on hundreds of workstations in
Windows networks for the last 10 years without any file corruptions even
with power and hardware failures.  Opportunistic locking is an issue
with Dataflex in Windows networks so I turned oplocks off on the
Dataflex share (level2 oplocks is also turned off on the share).  I had
to turn Kernel oplocks off as well to support logon scripts for users
with more than 8 characters in the name.  Opportunistic locking registry
settings have been turned off at the clients.  Is there something else I
should be doing?  I need to solve this quickly as new clients are
interested in going with Samba rather than Win2K server - if I can't
make this work in the next week, I will have to abandon hours of work
learning Samba and go back to Win2K (argh!).



William L. Clifford, M.D., CCFP


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