[Samba] smbpasswd and unix password sync, Samba v2.2.2, Solaris 8

Dave Warchol warchol at harthosp.org
Mon Apr 22 12:59:01 GMT 2002

            I am a Samba newbie.  Our users want to be able to access
their home directories as well as any of the group accessable
filesystems.  I have this working just fine for a single test user (me).
 I am using user authentication security.  The next step is give access
to the users who already have unix accounts.  What I want to know is if
there is a way to sync up the users smb passwords with their existing
unix passwords (Win98 clients, encrypted passwords).  The less that I
mess with the client side, the better.  One option is to add the users
to the smbpasswd file using a new password and then reset all of their
unix passwords to match.  A second option is to add the users using
smbpasswd, provide access to the smbpasswd program to each user via sudo
and let them change their smbpasswd entries to match their unix
passwords.  These users are primarilly unix, with the access from
windows as an added convenience.  If there are any other options, I
would like to hear about them.

Thanks much,

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