[Samba] weird pblm-logons stopped working

mitchbnj_removethis at excite.com faslink at excite.com
Mon Apr 22 06:06:35 GMT 2002

 interesting problem on my server--
Logons stopped working.
In investigating, I noticed that the group family I use was removed from the machine.. (huh?-how?) 
Also got logon failures.. changed passwords, enabled users via swat, STILL no good.

I tested pw's are now good by doing an smbclient -username, and password worked fine.

Also, can someone tell me what the X in smbpasswd (5) does?
I see documentation for the U,D,M, options, but not for option X

Any ideas on what might have happened?  I tried re-starting the smbd/nmbd servers --still no good.

Mitch B.


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