[Samba] %L Problem

Jan Luehr jluehr at gmx.net
Sun Apr 21 10:20:03 GMT 2002


well, ehm, Im trying to run two virtual servers (Samba 2.2.0a on Linux 2.4) 
on one physical.
Because of that, I put theses lines intot my smb.conf

netbios name = omikron
        netbios aliases = omega
        include = /etc/samba/include/%L

But it doesn't work. Everytime I type smbclient -L omega or smbclient -L 
omikron it says:

Can't find include file /etc/samba/include/

If I use omega or omikron instead of %L in my smb.conf, everythings works 

Why samba don't use the macro or why is it an empty string?
Which conditions causes the phanomena?

Keep smiling

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