[Samba] Joning a windows XP to a samba PDC

Aitor Garcia iddover at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 21 09:19:02 GMT 2002

Hello fellow samba users,,

I have a problem using samba 2.2.0 (not alpha) when i´m joining a Windows XP to the domain 'LINUX' whith this samba PDC

I could see the shares without usig the logon server (this means than the samba is working well)

But i get the message "The procedure number is out of range" when I thy to join the PC to tthe domain someone kwonw how to solve this ?

I have read somethig about this problem and I concluded than it is a bug that can be fixed whith the service pack in windows 2000 but in XP how i can solve this ??

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