[Samba] Clipper + Samba, locking failure

Nico Houben nhouben at garagesoftware.nl
Sat Apr 20 12:10:02 GMT 2002

Hello Everybody,

I hope someone kan help me with a problem i'm having on several lokations.

We use a clipper (dbase language/Xbase) program for our administration. Because of the expenses of a novell or a windows server. We decided to go for SuSE Linux 7.3 with a Samba server for the windows/dos clients (Yes still using good old dos ;) ).
(The novell network worked fine for many years!)

I start recieving a clipper locking failure error:
DBF/NTX 1035
Lock failure

In my samba conf  i've the following options:

kernel oplocks = false
strict locking = false

Can somebody help me with this problem ?

Greetings Nico Houben

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