OT: SMIME vs. application/pgp (was: Re: [Samba] Backup)

Kai Blin k.blin at gmx.net
Sat Apr 20 06:58:03 GMT 2002

* Peter Koch <pkliste at schlund.de> [19/04/02, 19:00:28]:

> Sorry, could you convince your mutt to produce 'normal' messages ?
> I always have to open some attachment to read your response...

This _is_ a normal message. If your mail client is broken, it's not mutt's
fault ;)

It could be because of the signature. Mutt uses the new method proposed by a
recent RFC (can't remember the number, sorry). Only some opensource clients
handle this so far.

But I'd rather keep this discussion off list, and please flame to /dev/null



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