[Samba] Access denied when using samba as a profile server

Kimmo Akkanen kimmo.akkanen at remedium.fi
Sat Apr 20 06:05:02 GMT 2002

> I have been using samba for a long time, but since our windows 2000 machine
> are becoming unreliable (fileserver problems). I want to move users profiles
> onto our UNIX/SAMBA server.
> The problem I am getting is that when a user logs onto a client it is
> unable to copy the users profile from the SAMBA drive to the local C drive.
> I.e. unable to copy \\UNIXhost\user\winntpro\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet 
> Explorer\brndlog.txt to C:\Document and Settings\user\winntpro\Application 
> Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\brndlog.txt.
> Thanks
> Andrew Watkins

We've had equal problems occasionally, they seem to
come up without any specific reason. I've traced the
reason to the local copy of the profile, located
at sth. like "C:\Documents and Settings\username" -

Check the permissions of the files and subdirectories,
Win2K seems to take away the user's access rights to
his/hers own local profile copy!

What I did was logon as Administrator, take ownership
of the directories under the profile, and delete them
all (they will be copied from Samba-server at next
logon, with correct permissions).

Hope this helps.

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