[Samba] Sama + Virus Detection

Peter Koch pkliste at schlund.de
Fri Apr 19 02:13:02 GMT 2002

Hi y'all,

I am in the process of replacing our existing netware server by a linux
samba machine. The setup itself shouldn't be too difficult, everybody gets a
home directory and a few shared directories for workgroups in the company.
But I'm always looking for a fine working solution for scanning incoming
(from server view) files for viruses in real time, just like NetShield from
NAI does. I bought Kaspersky Anti Virus for Linux Servers, because it
contains it. You have to compile a kernel module that kind of intercepts the
open, close and execute states of files for scanning them. But this is not
only slow, it's suuuuuuuper veeeeeery uuuuuultra slow. Copying 100 files of
mixed sizes (sum. 100MB) took like 4 minutes, without it it takes no more
than 15 seconds or so.

Anyone with similar problems/solutions/hints ?

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