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roby keen robykeen at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 19 00:54:13 GMT 2002

>hi compliments for your job.
>I am also me a planner, that has been being converted to linux for one year
and I is happy about this choice.
>I have converted the net where I work on linux, and all are for the speed 
the safety that I have given him happy of it.
>now I have a big problem, I have 2 printing wins of the epson (of the value 
varied European), for which drivers don't exist for linux.
>I am trying to revolve the problem with your beautiful Samba, but I have 
perhaps found the correct road.
>is my objective to make to stamp a consumer linux on these printers, (I had
thought about using a client win through Samba) you can help me? is evoi 
you have created him/it, possible to do this? point out me the by I am

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