[Samba] patch for winbind/wins support under Solaris (2.2.4-pre)

Franco Venturi fventuri at attbi.com
Thu Apr 18 20:41:01 GMT 2002

this is Franco Venturi from Jacksonville, Florida.
I have been using Samba with my Solaris systems at work and I had a few
problems getting the 'nsswitch' part to work with Solaris 8.
- the 'nscd' daemon dumps core if any the members in the 'struct passwd' or
  'struct hostent' is a null pointer (apparentely Linux doesn't care).
- I found a typo in the 'wins.c' code where 'buflen' should be decreased
  instead of increased.
- I wrote some code (wins_nss_solaris.c and changes to wins.c) to use
  'WINS' as name resolver under Solaris both for 'gethostbyname' and
  for 'gethostbyaddr'.
I am sending you a 'diff' patch (built against 2.2.4-pre from CVS) that
incorporates all these changes.

Thanks very much for all the good work with Samba and if you have any
question or comment, please feel free to email me at fventuri at attbi.com.

Franco Venturi
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