[Samba] message command will not work on debian woody

Michael Piko pikom at cpgen.cpg.com.au
Thu Apr 18 15:54:02 GMT 2002


Probably should have been doing other things, but decided to have a play with 
this winpopup stuff. 

samserver = my servers netbios name
	- Installed as per site mentioned. 
	- restarted samba
	- From smbclient -M samserver
	- tkpopup popped up

from samserver to my VMware 95 machine
	- smbclient -M vm95
	- nothing

installed "file and print sharing" on 95 machine
	- smbclient -M vm95 (from samserver)
	- winpopup worked! (on vm95)(coincidence??)

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