[Samba] message command will not work on debian woody 2nd

Florian Grimps Florian.Grimps at epost.de
Thu Apr 18 14:19:02 GMT 2002

Hello, again.

I tryto use the message command feature to catch winpopups send to my debian
as it is described at

Win client (e.g. net send debian hiho) or with # smbclient -M localhost;
give positve result,
for commands like this.

But it doesn't work on my debian woddy with samba 2.07-5.
No message is printed on the ttys.

So I tried the same config & commands with Redhat 7.2 with samba 2.2a on a
other computer,
and there was no problem using something like this:

message command = /bin/bash -c 'cat %s | wall; rm %s'

So i want to know how I can help my self.
How can i find out where my message get lost.
Is it maybee a bug?
Or blocks the debian system itselfs the operation, for secure reasons?

Thanks in advantage

Grimps Florian.

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