[Samba] Re: [expert] Microsoft - The settlement that isn't

David Brodbeck davidb at interclean.com
Thu Apr 18 11:57:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2002-04-18 at 19:42, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> > "ComputerWire predicted the release of CIFS and SMB could squash open
> > source when news first broke of its decision to open the technology in
> > March. As details of the CIFS license have emerged since then, it has
> > become clear Microsoft has effectively banned open source companies from
> > distributing implementations of CIFS, if the software is distributed
> > under the General Public License (GPL)."
> Samba team can release source under SPL (Samba Public License).
> We can play dirty games too if needed. :-)

Not really.  Microsoft's patent license wording apparently bans all
open-source licenses, GPL just happens to be the only one they mention

This has me really concerned.

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