Antw: [Netatalk-devel] Re: [Samba] AFP_Resource files when copying files from NTFS volumes via explorer

Andre Schild A.Schild at
Wed Apr 17 15:10:02 GMT 2002


>>> <jra at> 18.04.2002 00:01:19 >>>
On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 05:38:13PM +0200, Andre Schild wrote:
> Hello,
> I din't find any infos about this "problem" in the archives, nor in
> different nttp groups
> We have multiple NT 4.0 servers with AFP activated.
> When we copy files via the windows explorer from a W2K workstation to
> linux samba server, then we always get multiple files on the samba
> drive.
> We gat a file named like the original file on the NT server, OK
> We get sometimes file named <original-filename>:AFP_Resource:$DATA
> We get sometimes file named <original-filename>:AFP_AfpInfo:$DATA
> According to this link, 

> this are the additional streams present in the NTFS filesystem for
> macintosh resource parts.
> We use those servers since 3-4 years now, and until the last samba
> upgrade to 2.2.3a-15 (On SuSE 7.2Prof.) we didn't get those
> files.
> Any ways to either supress those files when copying them via
> or make them in the "correct" .AppleDouble folder as used by

It was a bug that got added sometime around 2.2.3. I've now fixed this
(ie. they're suppressed) in the SAMBA_2_2 CVS and HEAD branches so
be fixed in 2.2.4.


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