[Samba] Re: Linux as a workstation client

David Brodbeck davidb at interclean.com
Wed Apr 17 13:18:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2001-12-20 at 19:35, Robert Claeson wrote:
> David Brodbeck wrote:
> > NFS would require the UIDs to be identical on all machines.  There is
> > currently no way to ensure this when using winbind for authentication.
> Then why not use AFS or Coda?

Old topic I know, but I've just gotten around to looking at this again.

I looked up Coda first.  That doesn't seem to be suitable because it
doesn't mirror a 'normal' UNIX filesystem.  It keeps its own directory
and stores stuff on a raw disk partition.  This doesn't sound suitable
for files that would be accessed both from Windows machines (via Samba),
and Linux machines (via something else, presumably.)

I checked into AFS, but unless I'm mistaken you have to buy some kind of
server license.  That makes testing it out as a solution kind of

I'd just use smbfs, but the problem then becomes how to transparently
mount all the needed shares *as the user that's currently logged in.* 
Making user-mountable fstab entries is easy enough, but that still
leaves the problem of having to prompt the user multiple times for their

How are other people dealing with this?

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