[Samba] Samba Setup??? Need help!!

Rodger Haynes rodger at thompsonprint.com
Wed Apr 17 09:53:02 GMT 2002

Do you have a firewall running? Make sure the proper ports are open
  (137, 138 and 139 I think)

Macedo, Flavio A wrote:

 >I am trying to setup samba on my linux platform (RedHat 7.1). I have the
 >smb/mnbd service running. But when I go to the Windows box and try to 
map a
 >drive to my machine, I get the error massage saying "Network Path not
 >I can ping the linux machine from my windows machine and vice-versa. My
 >question is: what else do I have to do to have samba running?
 >Is there any special modification that has to be done on the smb.conf? If
 >so, what do I need to change?
 >I ran the testparm and it seems to be running fine...
 >Can anyone help me? I really need to have this done ASAP. Thanks
 >Flavio Macedo

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