[Samba] AFP_Resource files when copying files from NTFS volumes via explorer

Andre Schild A.Schild at mail3.aarboard.ch
Wed Apr 17 08:40:02 GMT 2002


I din't find any infos about this "problem" in the archives, nor in the
different nttp groups

We have multiple NT 4.0 servers with AFP activated.
When we copy files via the windows explorer from a W2K workstation to a
linux samba server, then we always get multiple files on the samba

We gat a file named like the original file on the NT server, OK
We get sometimes file named <original-filename>:AFP_Resource:$DATA
We get sometimes file named <original-filename>:AFP_AfpInfo:$DATA

According to this link, 


this are the additional streams present in the NTFS filesystem for the
macintosh resource parts.

We use those servers since 3-4 years now, and until the last samba
upgrade to 2.2.3a-15 (On SuSE 7.2Prof.) we didn't get those additional

Any ways to either supress those files when copying them via explorer,
or make them in the "correct" .AppleDouble folder as used by netatalk

When I copy the files via windows commander (something like norton
commander for windows) then those additional files don't get created.

A. Schild

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