[Samba] R: Usernames starting with names

PINTO ELIA PINTO.ELIA at insedia.interbusiness.it
Wed Apr 17 05:45:01 GMT 2002

I  modified  source code contained on the src rpm
of the SuSe 7.3 Release. For other version of the package I think the method
is similiar. 

After unpacking the shadow-20000902.tar.bz2  :

1) cd shadow-20000902
2) cd libmisc
3) update the file chkname.c as follow:

   3.1) - in the function good_name   substitute the line:
         if (!*name || !isalpha(*name))


        if (!*name )

 3.2) - in the function check_group_name substitute the line:

 if (strlen(name) > 16)


 if (strlen(name) > 32)


4) Then

    cd ..



In the src directory  you have the modified useradd e groupadd. As far as I
understand you should be interested at item 3.1 only.



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A: PINTO.ELIA at insedia.interbusiness.it
Oggetto: Usernames starting with names


In relation to the problem of adding users with names starting with numbers,
you said that you modified the standard "useradd" and "groupadd" commands to
accomplish with it.

Would you mind indicating me how to do it? I think it is no trivial.


Rafa Gallego

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