[Samba] Canon ImageRUNNER 600, Samba and LPRng

Glenn Sieb ges at lumeta.com
Tue Apr 16 14:53:02 GMT 2002

Hi everyone,

A few days ago, on the LPRng mailing list, I posted a weird problem with 
our Canon ImageRUNNER 600 and LPRng... turns out it's not a problem with 
LPRng... rather, it's an issue with a slightly-misleading option for Samba 
printers, and a bug with Canon's PCL processor.

In Samba, you have the option to say "Postscript = Yes", which doesn't mean 
"This is a postscript printer" but rather "this printer takes postscript 
all the time, so please add "%!" to the beginning of all jobs to it!"  HP 
Printers are smart enough to see the PCL code in the job and go "Oh 
gee--this isn't really postscript... we'll just process it with 
PCL..."  The Canon goes "Oh--oops--here's a %!.. must be plaintext cuz 
there's an Escape and some PCL.. I'll just print the "%!" and a pagefeed"

So mystery solved... hopefully this will help others out there with the 
Canon ImageRUNNER class copiers--and Samba guys--can you change that option 
to say "Force Postscript"? *duck&run* :))))))

Thanks everyone! And thanks to Patrick Powell for the phone call today 
which put us on the right track to find the issue! :) I'm more than 
grateful for all the help and suggestions I get off of these two lists! 
Y'all rock! :)


Glenn E. Sieb, System Administrator
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