[Samba] Clearing uploaded printer drivers (APW)

Manuel Gomez ERG at e-r-solutions.com
Tue Apr 16 14:34:02 GMT 2002

I'm having some problems adding client printer drivers to a 2.2debian-2
Samba server via a Win2k client and the Add Printers Wizard.  I had manually
added one driver set (Generic Adobe Postscript) and then manually removed
the same (copying all relevant files to /etc/samba/drivers (and then
deleting them) on Debian potato).  
Then, I tried to use the OEM drivers (Samsung 1650 PCL 6), but I suspect I
may have done it incorrectly.  Upon subsequent attempts (after deleting all
the files from the .../drivers/W32X86 directory), I am still unable to
successfully upload drivers.  I have a suspicion that there remain some
entries regarding my failed uploads in a .tdb file or some such (perhaps the
ntdrivers.tdb or ntprinters.tdb in my /var/state/samba directory?).  My
question is:
Can I safely delete these files (or some others) to force smbd to refresh
its cached printer drivers database?  Is there any way to be sure that no
remnants linger from past driver sets?
I have the following suspicious lines from my smbd logfile (they are out of
context, but hopefully meaningful):
    yield_connection: tdb_delete for name  failed with error Record does not
And also:
    close_printer_handle: Invalid handle (OTHER)

Now, I can see that files are being uploaded into the .../drivers/W32X86
directory, but they are not successfully being served out.  Any suggestions
or pointers would be appreciated.
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