[Samba] Fwd: Strange Problem with Access

Ruben Fagundo rfagundo at npv.com
Tue Apr 16 12:51:02 GMT 2002

After much frustration, I am pleased to say that I have narrowed the 
problem I was experiencing to what I believe to be a bug in either the 
Microsoft Jet Engine, or Microsoft networking itself.  I have found that if 
I move the database to a windows machine with a shared drive, I get the 
same error message.  Therefore this proves that there is no problem with 
the samba server.  I  apologize for wasting all your time with this, when 
it was a bug in Microsoft's product all along.  I should have checked the 
obvious before assuming the problem was more complex than it really was.

So, I have concluded that Samba is working perfectly fine, and a much 
better product than anything Microsoft has ever produced.

Ruben Fagundo
NPV Solutions

At 01:23 PM 4/10/02 -0500, Sanjiv Bawa wrote:
>Can you try turning off all oplocks altogether.
>kernel oplocks
>level2 oplocks
>should all be no.
>Then see if you have the problem. They recently discovered another bug in
>oplock code which is due to be fixed in the next version.
>Pls. do provide an update. I am very interested in this issue.

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