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If you're new to linux, I suggest you download the rpm from
www.samba.org.  A redhat install typically expects samba in places where
just running "./configure" without options will not place the files.
This isn't really the fault of samba or redhat, it's just "different".
If you use the redhat rpm, it will put everything where redhat likes it
to go, even putting in the smb /etc/init.d/smb file in for you.  So I
would delete your samba stuff and just get the rpm unless you HAVE to
have something that's not compiled into the rpm, which is unlikely
unless you're running LDAP or something, which would be amazing since
you say you're new to linux. :)  So to wrap it up, RPM = good for
beginners, .TAR.GZ = good if you're masochistic or need something not
compiled in by default.

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	I am new to linux and samba. I am interested in installing
Samba-2.2.3a on our new file server for a more stable server and to save
costs on Microsoft products. I have redhat 7.2 installed but haven't
been able to get Samba installed. I haven't even been able to get past
the first step (./configure) I put the samba directory underneath root
and then cd source, from here I put in ./configure or just configure and
it comes back stating that the file doesn't exist. Well when I do a ls
or dir I can clearly see that it does. I'm not sure where to go from
here. Please point out the obvious, I'm sure it's something simple I
just don't get.

	I'm using KDE gui.

	I appreciate the help!



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