[Samba] CIFS & SMB Microsoft licenses

Davide Dozza davide.dozza at yacme.com
Tue Apr 16 09:12:02 GMT 2002

So, you mean that if you read, you are dead....
It sounds interesting. I have to read more carefully the licenses.



Jeremy Allison wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 16, 2002 at 04:49:29PM +0200, Davide Dozza wrote:
>>Hello guys,
>>does anyone knows the implications that the CIFS and SMB Microsoft 
>>licenses may have on samba development ?
> We're consulting the legal staff at the FSF for a definitive
> answer on this. More when we have a US legal opinion.
> In the meantime, don't panic. We don't think we infringe
> their patent claims (but this is why we're getting a legal
> opinion - to make sure this is the case) and the license
> is for CIFS *documentation*, not any code at present.
> The opinion of someone who has seen this documentation 
> (not me) is that there is nothing in it that Samba doesn't
> already implement. In fact it is a significant subset of
> the SNIA CIFS documentation which the Samba Team has
> helped prepare. This license seems to have been created (IMHO)
> to create fear uncertainty and doubt amongst Samba users
> and vendors using Samba - such as the comments that have
> been appearing on this list :-). It's a classic marketing
> tactic I believe.
> Jeremy.

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