[Samba] DFS and MS explorer

Markus Korth markus.korth at zn-ag.com
Tue Apr 16 06:33:03 GMT 2002

Greetings !

We are currently testing samba together with DFS. All is working fine
with one exception: From time to time (but too often) the user gets the
"n:\bla\path\to\somewhere isn't available.
The directory has been moved or deleted."
when accessing a directory with the explorer.
The message above is translated from german, therefore the original
english message might look a little bit different.
I know definitively that the above directory is still there: When
clicking somewhere else and back into the corresponding directory
explorer happily shows its content.
OS: Linux with kernel 2.4.17, samba 2.2.3a
Client: NT 4.0 SP6a and Win2K (with SP2, I think).

Any hints ?


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