[Samba] ARGH!!! Samba and Re-installing Windows 2000

Mack, Daemian DMack at Tickets.com
Tue Apr 16 05:41:25 GMT 2002

> group.  Whoever logs into the domain through THIS SPECIFIC
> MACHINE gets logged on, and all of the mapped shares show up
> with the "red x" through them.  This indicates that the shares
> are not logged into.  However, the shares can be accessed.  If

Just an FYI: I've seen this "red X" occur on many different Windows machines
connecting in a native Windows environment.  I think it points to a problem
in Window's icon cache rather than any networking facility.

In other words, if you can legitimately access the share, the icon is
meaningless (in my experience).

Daemian Mack

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