[Samba] smbmount to host over internet?

Rafael chinorrodebeas at yahoo.de
Mon Apr 15 22:03:02 GMT 2002

I have tried to mount a share from a windowsclient of my brother over the
internet and dont know if it is possible or not
i tried this:
smbmount //222.132.33/hol /kol
mount  -t smbfs -o ip=222.132.33 //222.132.33/hol /kol
hol is the share file of the windows client it was a guest accont so i dont
need a username or passwort.
I trie both and became:
connection failt or
route to host not found
So my question is: Is this possible to mount a share file or drive over the
internet with smbmount or are i wasting my time? When it is possible can
some write my the correct command with options?
Thank for help.

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