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Mon Apr 15 19:04:02 GMT 2002

OK: I'll bite:

I bought one of the last of their color lasers before they bought QMS.   Ihave a magic-color laser.  For windows I use their Windows driver.
I used their web based software to do administration/queue management on it.

The quick answer is: It isn't quick!

IT's based on a network/printer controller from the peerless corporation which makes the firmware, as well as the TCP software onboard

Here's your first hints:
1) Use LPR/lpd.  (I have a UNIX System 5/Sun background)
2) set it up in *NIX first.  (use LPR)
3) After it works, using LPR, 
Then perhaps it might work.

Of course this is advice coming from the shoemaker's child, as I only have this printer running on a stand-alone PC. (who has the darn time to do this--it isn;t a full-time job for me, it's my FRIGGING HOME!)

but the stuff on peerless is accurate, etc.

BTW: OT:  does anyone have/know how to burn a SIMM (?) strip with Postscript on it (or know where to buy the peerless PS ROM?)

Mitch B

--- On Mon 04/15, Peter Blajev  wrote:
> Recently we bought a Minolta 251f printer/copier and I'm trying
> to share it using SAMBA-2.2.1a and CUPS-1.1.12. The printer has
> a network module and it's plugged into the network.
> I'll start with the question:
> "Has anyone able to get similar Minolta printer to work with
> Here is what happened when I tried.
> The original drivers that came with the printer didn't work. If
> I print from Windows'98 SAMBA creates an empty spool file and
> send it to CUPS. If I print from W'NT the print job disappeared and
> when I rebooted the machine I got a message saying the I have a
> print job in the queue. There are no errors in the SAMBA or CUPS log
> files.
> On the other hand the same drivers work when I use Win'NT as a print
> server
> instead of SAMBA.
> Minolta Support recommended to use some old Minolta PCL driver for W'98
> and
> HP LaserJet 4 PCL driver for Win'NT and everything work fine
> but in this scenario I can't setup an automatic driver download.
> Also we are losing a lot of printer features using HP driver on
> Minolta printer.
> I don't think that I'm the only one who has a Minolta printer and
> tried to share it using SAMBA so please if you are able to do that
> drop me a line.
> Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Peter
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