[Samba] Simple problem - Network path not found when accessing samba server via Win XP

Korben shygar at charter.net
Mon Apr 15 15:21:03 GMT 2002

Hi, i'm getting 'Network path not found' when trying to browse from my XP machine to my samba machine.  I can see the server via 'My Network Places' but when i double click on the samba server, it gives me the error.  I am running redhat 7.2 and samba 2.2.3a.  I went through the diagnostics.html page and tried all the options, no luck.  Also, i'm not running a DNS server for either of these machines (they are on a LAN for now).  If you've got anything I can try i'd be much appreciated, unfortunately i'm still a Linux novice.

Brian Caines

Also, i'm running samba via Webmin ver 0.950.
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