[Samba] Windows password caching - NT server vs Samba....(was Simple (?) question )

Rich Pinder rpinder at usc.edu
Mon Apr 15 10:32:03 GMT 2002

I'm still puzzled about what's happening here.

To recap (full details below) our windows NT client has different
behavior depending on whether it's hitting an NT server, vs a Samba

A user/pw that is entered and accepted when accessing the NT server is
'remembered' the next time the same resource is needed.  So the user
doesnt get the 'login' prompt.

But the same user/pw scenario is NOT remembered when trying to access
the Samba server.

Note - the user/pw for the samba/NT share is NOT the same user/pw that
the person uses to log into their own NT client (its NOT using network
based authentication).

I tried one list reader's suggestion (thanks Sue) and added the
following line to my .conf file:

But I still get the same behavior.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.


The original post:

 I'm not a very sophisticated Samba user, nor do I totally understand
 the gory details with MS Win___ products.
 But I'm seeing a different behavior after moving our storage from a
 Windows NT 4 server, to a SAMBA server.
 I've got a client app (running on NT 4 workstations) that needs to
 access the data on the server.
 Its a read only share, basically just serving up images - no
 writing/modifying of data is done by the client apps.
 When the data was on a NT Server, I initially logged the workstation
 onto the server (using a DIFFERENT username/pw than the user uses for
 the workstation) ONCE - and then every time in the future the app ran,
 I'm assuming the username/pw was recalled from the windows password
 (some kind acl ??) - and it just logged in as the software attempted to
 Now, with SAMBA on the backside (using the exact same client machines),
 each time the machine is restarted the username/pw needs to be re
 I'm not sure why or where this happening.
 Any thoughts ??
 rich pinder
 usc school of medicine

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