[Samba] error NT_Status_Logon_Failure Please help

dj at 4ict.com dj at 4ict.com
Mon Apr 15 06:55:22 GMT 2002

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Bryan Pershall wrote:

> I am setting up samba 2.2.3a.  And when I do a test like smbclient
> //servername/user and inter the password I get NT_Status_Logon_Failure.
> I have set the user up in the samba passwd file as stated in the how to.
> Is there any reason I get this.  If I just do a smbclient
> //servername/share and use the root passwd it works fine.  Can some one
> give me some advice on this.

If you don't tell smbclient which user to use then it will use the user
you are logged in with. So if you are logged in as root then smbclient
will use the id "root" to authenticate.

You can specify if you want to authenticate as another user using the -U
parameter. Like

   smbclient //servername/user -U user


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