[Samba] Two questions: 'wbinfo -a' & NT/2k APW

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Apr 15 06:11:25 GMT 2002

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Manuel Gomez wrote:

> OK, the second issue is more interesting (to me).  I'm trying to set up
> a printer for use with my NT4 & 2k clients.  I have CUPS set up as the
> spooling subsystem, and I have confirmed that it works properly.  If I
> set 'disable spoolss = yes' then I can print successfully from 2k
> (haven't tested NT).  I can even print when I set 'disable spoolss =
> no'.  However, problems arise when trying to use the NT/2k Add Printer
> Wizard: it never appears in the Printers share on my server.  When I

If the APW does not show up, it is because smbd rejected a 
OpenPrinterEx() call with SERVER_ALL_ACCESS rigths.
Set the "printer admin" parameters in the [global] section 
of smb.conf.

> tail the log.smbd I see:
> [TIMESTAMP]              smbd/service.c:make_connection(239)
>   [client hostname] ([client IP address]) couldn't find service
> ::{[mysterious SID]}
> (substitutions are surrounded by [])

It's not a SID.  It;'s a GUID IIRC.

> Finally, I tried resolving the SID in the log to a domain group or user,
> to no avail.  My current thinking is that my domain group is not
> resolving properly to a Linux GID.  In my smb.conf, I have 'printer
> admin = root,@"DOMAIN+Domain Admins".  SWAT does not like those double
> quotes one bit, and I haven't confirmed that it's working at all (see
> above, as well).

I haven't tested SWAT but this should work if you edit smb.conf by hand.

cheers, jerry
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