[Samba] PCI Modem Installation

Andrew Hanson amh at architechs.com
Mon Apr 15 02:43:02 GMT 2002

I am running suse linux 7.1 and i am trying to install a modem and get
it working, so far i have failed.
I install the modem through yast2 and everything seems fine. When i go
to the internet dialer to try and dial
my ISP it says modem ready, then after a few seconds it says 'sorry the
modem doesn't respond'.
I have read that linux will not work with WinModems, but i am assured
that the one i am using
is not a WinModem.
Is there something i have missed during setup? I have a number of
tutorials at my disposal but even following
these dosen't help as i still get the same message.

Andrew Hanson

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