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PINTO ELIA PINTO.ELIA at insedia.interbusiness.it
Mon Apr 15 00:59:42 GMT 2002

Already answered in the message that follow.
Per informativa.

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Da: PINTO ELIA [mailto:PINTO.ELIA at insedia.interbusiness.it] 

Inviato: venerdì 12 aprile 2002 10.42

A: 'Dale Mirenda'

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I had the same problem, I also needed :

1) the username should begin with a number

2) the group name should be longer than 16 characters.

So I modified the standard "useradd" e "groupadd" (rpm shadow-util ) to

fullfil these requirements. 

I hope this can help.



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Da: Dale Mirenda [mailto:IT at shap.com]

Inviato: venerdì 12 aprile 2002 4.54

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Oggetto: [Samba] Username length


Is the maximum username length of 8 characters an absolute, or is there a

way around it? I'm migrating an NT-based file server to Samba, and I'd like

to keep my existing username list if at all possible, but many of the login

names exceed 8 characters.

Thank you,

Dale Mirenda



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Da: Rafa Gallego [mailto:rgallego at correo.uniovi.es]
Inviato: venerdì 12 aprile 2002 19.59
A: samba at lists.samba.org
Oggetto: [Samba] Usernames Starting with Numbers

Hi all,
I have a trouble when Windows NT users with usernames starting with numbers
try to connect to my samba server. The reason is that the parameter:
add user script = /usr/sbin/useradd [options] %u
DOES NOT WORK when %u starts with a number. 
Is it possible to circumvent this problem?
With kindest regards,
Rafa Gallego

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