[Samba] Inquiry...

Mitch Lu mitchlu at email.com
Mon Apr 15 00:23:05 GMT 2002

  Good Day!
  I've installed samba-2.2.3a but my problems 
are the following hope you can share to me 
your ideas :

1. When I tried to issue a command "smbclient 
   -L localhost" the version that appeared    
   was samba-2.2.1a(the old one that was with 
   the Linux installer) and not the 
   samba-2.2.3a that I've downloaded and 
   installed by myself. Why is that? How 
   am I going to correctly install my desired 
   version? I've already stopped and 
   restarted smb but still it didn't worked.
2. When I view the SWAT by typing the at the browser a 
   message "Access denied" will appear    

Thanks a lot,


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