[Samba] Exchange Replacement (OT)

Freeman, Peter (ERHS) Freeman.Peter at saugov.sa.gov.au
Sun Apr 14 23:54:02 GMT 2002

Have a look at Openmail for a true plugin replacement for Exchange.  
HP discontinued it officially last year, but interestingly enough Samsung
taken over development, here's a link to the story.  
I'm not sure what pricing will be like, but I would imagine it wouldn't be
hard to 
beat Exchange for value.... ;)
If you're tied to Outlook on the desktop, maybe give Bynari's Insight
connector a
look, it's supposed to allow you to do all the groupware functions on an
IMAP based
server, pretty neat as this allows you to potentially look at other mail
client options
once you have the server side sorted out.
http://www.bynari.net <http://www.bynari.net> 
Note: I have only tested Openmail, that was around 12 months ago, I haven't
the Bynari software so can't comment on how good it really is, however in
the number
of Linux mailing lists I'm on it has been mentioned a number of times.
Couple of other links to back up your arguments:
This is somewhat off topic, but since everyone here is probably interested
in the topic, I thought I’d ask.
I’m looking  for a replacement for Exchange that will run on a Linux box.
Preferably, it would support all the features of Exchange, but I realize
that’s probably not possible. If anyone knows of a package like this for
Linux, let me know. I’d like to get our network away for the Small Business
Server that we’re using now. The licences are ludicrous. (We just spent $700
for 10 licences. And they’re taking 2 weeks to get the to us.)
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