[Samba] Re: Joning Win2k to Samba PDC

Martin Schweizer pcservi at spectraweb.ch
Sun Apr 14 07:34:06 GMT 2002

Hello Gary

Thank you for the hint. It was the WINS entry. I deactivated DHCP/DNS and set 
the IP and the WINS entry manualy on the Win2k machine. Afterwoods Win2k 
founded my Samba domain. Now it works great.

On Mon, Apr 08, 2002 at 10:47:01AM +0100 Pentland G.. wrote:
> Hi Martin
> Firstly you do not have to manually add the PDC to the domain, you did
> have to in older samba releases.
> I don't know what the "Correct" solution is but I have now solved it
> by temperarily disabling the DNS server as I add clients to the
> domain.
> It appears the when Win2K wants to find a PDC to ask whether it can
> join the domain it does a name look up, my static DNS didn't have the
> correct entry, merely the server's hostname and IP.  By diabling the
> DNS the client was forced to braodcast and got an answer from the WINS
> server (nmbd)  once the machine had joined the domain I put the DNS
> back on and have run OK since.
> If you have dynamic DNS then I guess the PDC can add this record
> itself but I haven't been able to find the correct format to add it
> manually.
> Hope this helps...
> Gary Pentland
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> Hello Gary
> I read your posting in the samba mailing list. I've the same problem
> and read 
> a lot of different stuff aubout this problem (since one month) but
> without 
> success. Do you find a solution? Thank your for any hints.


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