[Samba] (Problem) could not open file /var/cache/samba/unexpected.tdb

Korben shygar at charter.net
Sat Apr 13 19:21:02 GMT 2002

I installed webmin to run samba.  It seems to be working fine.  I ran through the options in DIAGNOSE.HTML and most all work.  I can view my samba server on my windows XP machine but when i try to connect to it, it gives me a 'The network path was not found' error.  Any suggestions?  Btw, i've got latest version of samba (as of 4/13/02) on RedHat 7.2 w/webmin ver .950.

This is the error i'm getting on my linux machine

tdb_open_ex: could not open file /var/cache/samba/unexpected.tdb: No such file or directory
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