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Mark Kruse greven6 at mchsi.com
Sat Apr 13 08:14:02 GMT 2002

I've been working on getting my Win2K machines to be able to work with my linux machine for a while now, and I'm about ready to throw my Windows pc's out the window!  My linux machine is running RedHat 7.2 and Samba 2.2.1a.  When I look for my linux box on the network, I can find it.  It shows up fine in Network Neighborhood.  However, when I double click on it, it comes back with this error:
\\Linux is not accessible.
The network path was not found.

Obviously linux is the hostname of the linux box...  From my linux box, smbclient can check all the params fine.  It works from that end.  Testparm comes back ok and doesn't give any errors.  This is what my smb.conf looks like.  I've kept it simple trying to find this error...

    workgroup = lan
    guest account = ftp
    status = yes
    browseable = yes
    security = SHARE
    hosts allow = 192.168.
    interfaces =

    comment = All Files
    path = /
    public = yes
    guest ok = yes
    browseable = yes
    read only = no
    writable = yes

I have also done some adjusting to the Win2K machine.  I have added the linux box to lmhosts.sam and hosts files.  I have also applied the registry fix to allow plain text passwords.  There is a unix account with the same user name and password as the account I use on the Win2K machine.

The only variable I havn't removed is my router.  I currently am running a Linksys BEFW11S4.  It is a wireless access point, cable/dsl router with a 4-port switch.  Currently I have that setup as the DHCP server and everything else.  Didn't know if that would make a difference, so I thought I would mention it.

Any help at all is *so* appreciated...  I'm about ready to pull my hair out on this one!

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