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thedrew.net at thedrew.net thedrew.net at thedrew.net
Fri Apr 12 22:53:01 GMT 2002

I was hoping to get a little help but if this is the incorrect forumn then I 
apologize, please disregard the rest of my message.

Ok, for starters my webmail client ate my last message, so here I go again. I'm 
attemping to install a Samba 2.2.1a package onto openbsd 3.0. I downloaded the 
package from one of the OpenBSD mirrors. After using pkg_add to install samba, 
I have tried using the default config file as well as editing it. However, when 
I run smbclient -U% -L localhost which is supposed to list the file shares and 
server name (I think) I get an error message. SSL: Error error setting CA cert 
locations: error:00000000:lib(0): func(0):reason(0) followed by a message 
saying an interface was added followed by a listing of the shares IPC$ and 
ADMIN$, but no server is listed. (In contrast to the examples I've seen) I also 
tried smbpasswd -a username to create a user. In all situations, default 
config, modified config, using a username, I am unable to connect or even get a 
password prompt from windows 2000 while trying to connect to either the ip or 
the hostname. Yes, I have tried reading the man pages as well as the How-To on 
Samba's site. ANY help or direction to additional information would be greatly 
appreciated. Thank you very much.


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