[Samba] winbind stops ? hangs ?

Noel Kelly nkelly at tarsus.co.uk
Fri Apr 12 14:14:03 GMT 2002


My CVS is from April 1st and there is definitely a slow leak there.  Over a
five day period the size progresses from 2000K to 6000K.  I'll get the
latest CVS and try it again to be sure it is still an issue.


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On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 05:49:26PM +0100, Noel Kelly wrote:
> This winbind dying thing has been fixed in 2.2.4 but you'll have to use
> CVS until it is offically released (next week ?).  As far as I know there
> a still a moderate memory leak in it so I just stop and start it each
> morning.

Are you saying there's a moderate mem leak in the CVS version ?
If so I need to track this down...

How are you reproducing it ?


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